This blog is my film review blog. Except that it’s also my book review blog, TV review blog, game review blog, well … general review blog. I put reviews of things I read, watch and play here. I should perhaps warn that I am rather haphazard about this, and often forget to update in time – I’ve generally been about one or two months behind schedule. I have a film diary which I use to keep track of what I watch, and I only add things to it if I finish them, so to be honest, there’s a bit of a selection bias towards things I like.

I started the blog at the beginning of 2011 with the intention of reading 52 books in the year and blogging about my progress. In a way, this was meant to be a kind of better-documented repeat of a challenge I set myself in 2008 to watch one film every day, in which endeavour I was successful, but the book challenge failed miserably, because I’m quite a slow reader, and I ran into a roadblock when I read a trilogy of very long books in around March of that year, and by the end of the year I’d only managed about 20. But the blog lives on nonetheless.

I should probably introduce myself while I’m at it: I’m Finlay. I currently live in Tokyo, where I teach English. I’m originally from Scotland. I’m a linguistics graduate. I’m gay. My interests besides movies and books include linguistics, cycling, and travelling. My favourite genres of books and movies (ie, the things you might find on here) tend to include comedy, sci-fi, fantasy, gay romance and other LGBT interest things, and sometimes animation.

Unless otherwise stated, I don’t own the images that I use for the blog entries. In most cases they come from Google. I tend to assume that because they’re to illustrate the media involved, it’s alright to use them, but there’s a chance I’m hopelessly wrong and if you are the copyright holder for an image on the site and you want it taken down, just contact me to tell me and I’ll replace it.


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