Film #242: Spooners (2013)

spoonersdirector: Bryan Horch
language: English
length: 13 minutes
watched on: 28 October 2016
Boys on Film 11 (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8)

This movie was the last short film on “Boys on Film 11”. It’s almost aggressively a comedy movie. It starts with tinkly Spanish-sounding music to let us know we’re in for a funny ride and has a bunch of one-liners. But ultimately I wasn’t so impressed with it. However, it was a nice ending to the series – as with the last series, it was nice to end on a high note.

The premise is that two guys are in the market for a new mattress, their ancient futon having gotten uncomfortable to lie on, and stained. One of the guys wants to keep it, as he’s grown attached to a stain that resembles both Che Guevara and Jesus. Ew. Anyway, the other guy is desperate to get a new mattress and not so desperate to out himself in public, so he tries to go along to the bed shop in secret, but when he gets there, the sales rep makes him use a special talking bed-choosing machine/app/robot thing, which promptly outs him to the entire store when it forces him to select the gender of both participants. This leads to the scene above where everyone crowds around offering their own opinions on everything, and to increasingly cringy situations when the app asks him to choose what sexual position he takes, and so on.

OK, it was funny. But I also thought it was trying too hard, and I thought the app thing was a silly conceit. I think there’s a point there about companies asking invasive questions to their customers, perhaps, but it also came across as Luddite in its treatment of modern apps. I also watched the trailer and the Kickstarter video, and they had all the same jokes in them.

I did like all the other customers with their ridiculous opinions, though, and I thought the two guys acted well as a couple together, so it’s not all bad.

As for the rest of this series of films, it’s been good in general, and I think the quality and variety on this DVD is absolutely commendable – perhaps there is more variety than the older DVD. I think every film is a different genre, and then some. But none of them are very outstanding, if I’m honest. There are a couple of more notable films from the other DVDs. It’s not going to stop me watching, though. There’s a certain level of comfort in it.


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