Film #235: Burger (2013)

burgerdirector: Magnus Mork
language: English
length: 11 minutes
watched on: 16 Oct 2016
Boys on Film 11 (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8)

This is the second movie on “Boys on Film 11”, and it is a slice of life that takes place in a typical late night takeaway somewhere in the UK. Like A Stable for Disabled Horses on Boys on Film 10, it seems to have been shot on a shoestring in a very claustrophobic setting.

Over the course of the ten or so minutes, several groups of late-night revellers come in after a long night’s clubbing, and settle down to eat their burgers or fish and chips or whatever. It seems to be included on this DVD because one of the groups of characters are gay, and one of them flirts with the first group of straight guys, but avoids the chavs who come in halfway through – who try to incredibly awkwardly chat up a pair of girls, one of whom is on the phone to her boyfriend to call him a cunt.

It’s kind of funny and kind of interesting, but I’ve never been much interested in slice of life, and this one suffers because its short length doesn’t let it develop any of the strands fully – there are at least four different stories happening here. It’s probably more interesting as a cultural study than anything.


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