Film #232: Want It (2015)

want-itdirector: Lee Haven Jones
language: English
length: 11 minutes
watched on: 10 October 2016

Still working through my recommendations list that I’ve taken from various Tumblrs, this movie was a gay-themed short whose name I’ve seen a couple of times before. It was on Youtube if you want to catch up with it before continuing with the review.

In the movie, about ten and a half minutes long, a guy breaks into a very expensive house and spends most of the movie exploring the place and touching various textures in the different rooms. Then he runs into the owner of the house, who sexually abuses him as punishment for breaking in. But it turns out they’re actually boyfriends enacting a fantasy.

Now, this last part is the exact same plot as another gay short I watched recently, Get a Room: an abusive encounter turns out to be a fetish. I already hate this as a trope even having only seen it twice, as it seems like a lazy cop-out. It’s as if the makers want to absolve themselves of depicting actual abuse. Commendable, perhaps – otherwise there’s a distinct homophobic air to the whole thing – but it’s like being told that what you just watched was a dream.

The other thing is, the movie is pretty forgettable (I had to reload the Youtube video to remember what it was about to write this review), and for some reason I couldn’t suspend my disbelief with it at all – I could only see the actor going round a house doing weird stuff, rather than letting myself believe that it’s a real character. I think this is the navel-gazing atmosphere of the first part of the film.

So this wasn’t my favourite gay short film, let’s say…

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