Film #229: On the Same Team (2014)

mismo-equipoaka: En el mismo equipo
directors: Carlos Vilaró Nadal & Bonzo Villegas
language: Spanish
length: 21 minutes
watched on: 23 September 2016
Link to the film:

I watched this before going to bed having made a masterlist of gay short films that I can watch on Youtube. It’s really long and I’ve still only watched two or three of them. But I’ve got other stuff to do, like this blog!

This gay short film is about a closeted rugby player in Argentina. The political climate is that gay marriage has just been legalized in their country, so the topic of gay people is on everyone’s lips – but it’s seen as a joke by the main character’s homophobic peer group and family.

Anyway, he’s dating another guy from his team, but in secret. Then at a party, he sees the other guy kissing a girl. So he considers going back to his ex-girlfriend, and at least they could date in public, or something.

The main character is the very definition of a man of few words, really, and that is annoying. The actor’s a bit wooden and doesn’t play up the angst of the story well enough in my opinion.

But the movie looks nice, if exploitative of young male bodies, and I liked the cinematography. I think it’s an interesting look at what’s now the opposite side of the world from me. Just a brief glimpse into another life style, which is both similar and very different from my own.

As with the last one, I’ve put the link at the top of the review, so if you want to watch it, go ahead and tell me what you think!


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