Film #228: 420 (2014)

420director: Jacob Brown
language: no dialogue
length: 3 minutes
watched on: 22 September 2016
Link to the movie:

Just a short one this time. To be honest, it’s kind of softcore porn. Two boys get high and make out. It’s erotic and exhilarating. It’s claustrophobic and shot very well.

It’s basically a punchline movie, like the Australian vampires in one of the movies of Boys on Film 2, or Disc of Love. It doesn’t take much to watch it, and there’s a kind of joke at the end.

Anyway, it’s about marijuana, so it’s not for everyone. I’m not even that into weed, I only really watched it because someone linked it on Tumblr and it was only 3 minutes long. But I am into boys making out in short movies. A nice little distraction. I was kind enough to link it directly this time. Go watch!


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