Game #35: Monument Valley (2014)

monumentvalleylength: 10 levels, about 90 minutes to complete
finished on: 16 August 2016

Someone was advertising this online as a “calming” game, and I decided to download it on that basis. It’s pretty simple, and fits into a few other themes I’ve seen recently, like the Escheresque geometry that it has in common with Hocus. You control a little character and touch the screen to make her (I think) go somewhere. Sometimes you can turn various objects, and you can make them connect in unexpected ways.

The main problems with the game are its price and length – I think it was ¥600 in Japan, although that’s partly because the Apple store gouges its customers here, and I don’t think the makers have control over the price in this instance. The game only lasts about 90 minutes, which is long enough to create a concise and fulfilling experience, but I feel like it could have been longer, especially given that I’d paid five times the average cost of an app. I still haven’t tried the game’s DLC, which is another ¥240.

But I did enjoy it, and if you can get past the price tag, it is a nice experience. The sound design is really lush and the game makes little tinkly noises when you rotate something. It also looks really good for a retro-ish game, and the puzzles are interesting but not incredibly difficult. So I would recommend it overall.


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