Book #111: Broken Homes (2013)

brokenhomesauthor: Ben Aaronovitch
language: English and a bit of German
length: 601 minutes (10 hours 1 minute)
finished listening on: 31 August 2016
others in the series: (1) (2) (3)

Gotta love a bit of serial fiction. This is the fourth book in the Rivers of London series about magical cops, and it had a much stronger story than the last one in the series, let’s just start with that.

This one looks at class in modern London and largely takes place in a tower block that (spoilers) turns out to be imbued with magic. As usual, the characters are sarcastic towards one another and they’re enjoyable to read about, and I enjoyed the narrator’s performance of the audiobook, too – I’m now convinced that a lot of the weird accents that the author puts in the books are just to hear the narrator do them. I think this is the one where the narrator really goes to town with sarcasm when the book describes the inane slogans of the Metropolitan police.

I also liked that this book much more significantly advanced the story than some of the other ones in the series. The big baddie is ever-present, and there’s a really good twist at the very end of the book, so that it’s not just another instalment of Peter Grant’s Magical Adventures. I like that the series is picking up steam, and I’m glad I started it, because it keeps delivering.

Anyone else got this far?


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