Book #110: Whispers Under Ground (2012)

whispersundergroundauthor: Ben Aaronovitch
language: English
length: 617 minutes (10 hours, 17 minutes)
finished listening on: 5 Aug 2016
this series: (1) (2) (3)

This is the third book in the Rivers of London series by Aaronovitch. It’s not the strongest of the bunch – I found its story has blurred a bit with the next book in the series in my mind, and its climax wasn’t as dramatic as before.

This book takes the story into the London Underground, as the characters team up with faerie people to track down mysterious troublemakers. So there are a lot of train themes and motifs throughout the book. We find out a lot more about the lore of the series, compared to the others, where we’re being introduced to it, and still pretty clueless.

The other character, Leslie, is now being inducted as a magician too after a magical accident, so she and the main character Peter are back to being a sexually-frustrated double act, especially as she’s actually better at it than he is. This added a nice level to the story.

The audiobook narrator is also continuing to add an extra layer of realism to the book, and I’d like to commend him for that!

But basically it’s a stepping stone, as the later books (to be reviewed later) are a bit stronger than this one.


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