Film #192: Get a Room (2016)

tenholocalaka: Tenho Local
directors: Mauro Carvalho & Thiago Cazado
language: Portuguese
length: 19 minutes
watched on: 22 June 2016

I’ve been collecting gay short movies to watch on my Tumblr, although a lot of them turn out to be unplayable, or merely trailers, but this one popped up and was playable, so I decided to watch it. It’s pretty new, I think released mostly online just this year. One of those rare movies that I can’t find on IMDB yet.

It’s about a single encounter, essentially, and it starts out full-on homophobic, one guy drawing a gun on the other and calling him homophobic names, but there was a twist in the middle which turns it into something else – (spoiler alert) fetish play between boyfriends. A little unexpected, and it makes it sort-of acceptable… but I don’t get why anyone would accept being degraded like that. It doesn’t turn me on at all, shall we say. I should mention I don’t think there’s explicit sex in the movie.

After the reveal it’s kind of cute, though. Pretty average for a gay short movie, though – it’s a microcosm of the real thing and not really substantial enough. Anyway, it’s only 19 minutes long and should be easy enough to find on Youtube if you’re interested.


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