Book #105: Moon Over Soho (2011)

rivers2author: Ben Aaronovitch
language: English
length: 601 minutes (10 hours, 1 minute)
finished listening on: 7 June 2016

I think I downloaded this one pretty soon after finishing the last one, which made for a smooth transition. This was then the book I was listening to when I went on my long cycle ride up to Gunma (ill-advised when you already have wrist trouble, FYI). Good though it was, I started to lose track after an hour or two – that’s what the featureless roads of Saitama do to someone!

The story of this one is mainly set around Soho, and the author relishes in the opportunity to describe different parts of London in great detail, as he did in the previous book Rivers of London, describing London’s rivers and other regions of that. The main mystery of the plot is a series of unusual deaths all connected with jazz.

As far as I can remember, this is also the book which introduces the main characters’ nemesis, the “Faceless Man”, and discusses Black Magic, although the main character rejects that nomenclature, and prefers “ethically-challenged”, in a decade-too-late pastiche of politically-correct language that was never actually seriously proposed. I did find that on more than one occasion, like the way people talk and act isn’t fully up-to-date. Could that be the intervening five years since it was published? The time I’ve been out of the UK, come to think of it?

There’s not much I can cover in this that wouldn’t feel like a re-hash of the previous review, as it’s basically more of the same. The narration of the audiobook is again superb. I also want to give a shout out to the book series for mentioning the existence of gay people in a casual way, even if it’s a mention of a minor or dead character’s ex-boyfriend, or the scary lesbian sergeant in the police force that the main character has to answer to. If that’s the representation I can get outside things that are aimed exclusively at LGBT people, that’s what I’m gonna grasp to with both hands…


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