TV: Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 3 (2015-16)

b99-3creator: Dan Goor & Michael Schur
language: English
length: 23 episodes
finished watching on: 21 April 2016
previous seasons: 1 / 2

I almost thought this season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine was going to go off in a new direction, as at the start of the season, the captain had been sent to a different department and things were in disarray with a series of terrible new captains. How naive – they were back to normal within four episodes. I wouldn’t want to spoil it, but they left off with another cliffhanger on this season, so I fully expect the same next season now.

The writing is still on form with this season, and a lot of the characters have had significant development, although the basic structure of Jake making an ignorant assumption and having been taught the error of his ways by the end of the lesson in a pithy way has not changed.

I like that the show is becoming a bit more popular now, as I’ve started seeing the quotes around the internet. My favourite blog that I followed recently is one that mashes quotes from this show onto gifs from Harry Potter – it works surprisingly well!

So I’ll definitely be continuing with this series. I hope I can find some more stuff to fill the rest of my time now that it’s over for the summer.


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