Film #184: In Bloom (2013)

inbloombigdirector: Chris Michael Birkmeier
language: English
length: 87 minutes
watched on: 26 March 2016

I often buy DVDs and don’t actually watch them for ages – I bought this last summer in Amsterdam. If you want to analyze my watching patterns, you might find that I watch films in kind of waves, and it looks like February to April this year was a not-many-films wave, because I was moving house and busy a lot during this period. So this was the first film I watched in the new house!

It’s a gay movie, which might explain why it was easy to find in Amsterdam and not in Japan – to be fair, it only seemed to play in the festival circuit in America, but still, the cynical side of me would never hold out hope for a DVD release of LGBT movies here. It’s the story of a breakup, made during that weird apocalyptic period the world had back in 2012, as it opens as a group of young people celebrate the presumed end of the world in December of that year. Then it jumps back and follows a relationship’s dying days in the previous summer.

Similar to the apocalyptic thing, there was a background theme of a serial killer on the loose, giving the film a sense of danger and adding to the atmosphere, but doing little to add to the film in my opinion. The emotions of the characters should have been enough.

It really is a relief sometimes to watch gay stuff, as I can actually see something of myself in it. Writing now, so soon after the shootings in Orlando that shook us all up just a few days ago, I’m reminded of this more than ever. I think I’m lucky to have a community here, but I don’t meet up with them all that often, and I need that contact as much as ever now. Being in Japan can make you feel invisible so easily.

That said, despite having relatable characters and a vivid atmosphere, the movie is pretty depressing, and I don’t think I could mentally handle watching it again right now. It’s also got a lot of drug use, and a lot of the kind of problem that could be solved by talking honestly – heaven knows I’m terrible at that myself, but it’s the kind of thing that makes me lose patience with movies at the best of times.

So while I did like it, it might not be the best thing to watch right now. I will try and think of something light-hearted to watch, I guess.


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