Film #177: Family for Rent (2015)

unefamillealoueraka: Une famille à louer
Director: Jean-Pierre Améris
Language: French
Length: 97 minutes
Watched on: 28 December 2015 (plane 3/4)

One problem I have with watching movies on a plane is that I don’t have access to the internet in order to make a balanced decision about what to watch. My usual threshold is at least 6 or 7 stars on IMDB, for all that the opinions of people who use IMDB matter at all. On getting off the plane and checking the reviews later my suspicions with this movie were confirmed – it only has 5.3 stars.

I think I always have this problem when looking at a country’s local cinematic offerings – it’s very hard to separate the wheat from the ever-present chaff. This is a barely-passable French comedy about a rich guy who decides he wants a family and moves in with a woman who’s been on TV for shoplifting, or something. Like all French comedy, it boils down to class – the rich man who thinks he can pay his way through life and the working-class single mother who loves her children very much just scratching the surface.

I just got quickly frustrated with the absurd situation and the unlikable characters, but I stuck it out… because I guess most other movies on Air France’s entertainment system would be just as bad. I was also creeped out by the age difference of the main characters… and just didn’t find the movie funny.

The kids were good actors, though.


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