Book #97: Maurice (1971)

mauriceAuthor: E.M. Forster
Language: English and some French
Length: 381 minutes (6 hours, 21 minutes)
Finished listening on: 17 December 2015

This book always comes up in discussions of classic literature with LGBT themes, but unlike some others, which deal purely in hushed whispers and subtext, this one is quite explicitly gay. Forster didn’t release it during his lifetime, and it was released posthumously in 1971, despite being written in something like 1918.

It’s pretty short compared to the other audiobooks I’ve listened to – reflecting a general trend I’ve observed that novels are getting longer and longer. I found that this meant that some of the dramatic turns happen very suddenly, in only a few sentences, and I almost missed them at some stages. I also felt like it flashed by quite quickly compared to the other ones I’ve listened to.

In terms of the story and themes, I was interested to find out how much and how little the times have changed since the early part of last century – especially when the people are commuting to the centre of London with newspapers in hand, and other such trappings that are still present in the modern world.

But as usual when reading gay literature, my prevailing emotion was that it’s nice to see myself reflected more directly in media. More of the same, please!


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