Book #93: Career of Evil (2015)

Career20Of20Evil_zpsarxm7pdrAuthor: J.K. Rowling (I think we can dispense with “Robert Galbraith” already)
Language: English
Length: 1074 minutes (17 hours 54 minutes)
Finished listening on: 20 November 2015

At a time when everyone’s getting hyped up about potential Potter sequels, J.K. Rowling released this sequel to the Cormoran Strike novels to relatively little fanfare (yet of course, it was still heavily promoted in several places, such is her selling power).

The book continues the story of Strike and his young assistant Robin, as they try to navigate what their relationship constitutes and how this relates to their partners. This time, instead of picking up a major case from the police, the pair have a dismembered body part mailed to them early in the story, meaning that the three suspects Strike has in mind for the killer are three people he knows from his own past.

Compared to the previous novels in the series, this one is a bit more tightly plotted, although it still falls into the trap of becoming a series of interviews mixed with a road trip, even though I could easily read (well, listen to) that for hours. The plot is certainly more gripping than the second one – whose plot I’ve now completely forgotten. This one had a lot more personal intrigue and I felt more engaged with the characters that had been affected by the incident, as they’re the ones I’ve been following for three books now, but in the previous book, I didn’t know anything about the dead character.

As I mentioned in the last book review, this was a lot easier to finish than Proxima, despite being almost exactly the same length. Of course, a lot of that is to do with the quality of the writing, but in this case I like to think it’s affected a lot by the quality of the narration. The same narrator read this as the last audiobooks, which pleased me, as he’s good at his job and can still provide a convincing array of British accents. This was the kind of audiobook I’d look forward to continuing during my breaks at work – Proxima, not so much, unfortunately.

I’d like to see a continuation of this series, probably more than I’d like to see continuation of Harry Potter. I think Rowling needs to move on from Potter, really – and she really needs to shut up on Twitter, incidentally. But we all knew that.


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