Film #170: Everest (2015)

everest-jason-clarkeDirector: Baltasar Kormákur
Language: English and a bit of Nepali
Length: 121 minutes
Watched: 16 Nov 2015

I had this movie spoiled for me when I listened to an interview with the movie director on Mark Kermode’s film review (but be forewarned that I may start spoiling too, as it’s difficult to talk about the movie without doing so). It’s based on a true story, and perhaps many people would be familiar with it, but I wasn’t.

As such, I went into it knowing what would happen in the third act – and the film was careful only to hint at it for the first two acts. To anyone with passing knowledge of cinema tropes, it might be blindingly obvious, to be fair, but it is still portrayed as a twist.

It was a good film overall, I’d say, but it made me dizzy to watch it in 3D. As such I’m glad that the storm was not so realistic, more like a Movie Thunderstorm than a real one!

The other thing that annoyed me was the characters, who kept doing stupid things. I wanted to shout at them a lot, and I had to remind myself they were based on real people! It reminded me of the book The Perfect Storm that I listened to a while back. I guess I should track down the movie of that. Oh yeah, and the scenes with Keira Knightley were painful.


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