Film #167: Mission Impromable (2013)

mission-impromabledirector: Clio Gevirtz
language: English
length: 6 minutes
watched: 23 October 2015

This short, available on Vimeo if I remember rightly (this review spoils it, so if you want to search for it first and come back to the review, that’s probably a good idea), was a funny little thing. It features a gay teen couple who, trying to stay in the closet, attempt to serenade a girl to be their “beard” – a fake girlfriend to throw off suspicion – at prom.

But you can tell from the opening shot of the boy and girl kissing that the girl isn’t into it either, and sure enough, the punchline of the film is that they find she’s also gay and trying to use them as a beard. (You’d think this would be the perfect arrangement, but they feel cheated by her!)

I was impressed by a lot of things about this movie overall. The image quality and pacing is just right, and the boys are cute in a slightly-too-young way – although too feminine and apparently comfortable in their relationship for me to believe that they’d need or want to stay in the closet, except if their parents are homophobic or something.

But because the middle half of the film is a montage, it comes across very much like the germ of an idea for a feature film, rather than a short in its own right. I feel like I’ve missed out on the beginning and ending of their story. I’d like to see that, to be honest!


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