Film #166: Caged (2013)

uitgesprokenaka: Uitgesproken
Directors: Dylan Tonk & Lazlo Tonk
Language: Dutch
Length: 14 minutes
Watched: 23 October 2015

This film continued my little theme of watching gay-themed shorts. I think it’s on Youtube. It follows two runners in the Netherlands, practicing in their spare time. Basically the story is that one of them discovers that the other is gay, and then goes through some kind of existential anguish, because he’d been homophobic towards another guy. Eventually he decides to accept his friend, much to the chagrin of the local homophobes.

It’s a well-made movie, and the quality of the image and story is high. However, I’m not really that interested in coming at homophobia from a straight person’s perspective. Perhaps it’s just that I think having such thoughts is frankly ridiculous in the first place. I also get a little stressed out watching depictions of homophobia – I’ve never personally had it that bad, but it reminds me of the constant potential for peril.

But if that’s your cup of tea, as I say, it’s freely available online and it’s only 14 minutes of your time, so not that bad.


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