Film #164: Disc of Love (2013)

disc-of-lovedirector: Ryan Davey
language: English
length: 8 minutes
watched: Sep 23 2015

This was another short that I watched on the same day as the previous one. It’s a bit shorter and depicts two Australian boys living together, but one becomes weirdly attached to the other and gives him a kind of mixtape CD to listen to in the car. Then it gets a bit weird.

Like the last one, it’s not like it’s a particularly profound movie or anything, and the production is noticeably cheap, but unlike the last one, it stays firmly on the side of comedy and isn’t aimed at closeted people or talking about any kind of issues.

Basically, it’s short and funny enough that I’d recommend just checking it out on Youtube (or wherever it was that I found it) – but it comes with a slight warning, because the punchline at the end made me groan, especially after all that build-up.


One Response to Film #164: Disc of Love (2013)

  1. Dreamt they were straight? God that must have been a nightmare.

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