Film #163: The Perfect Plan (2013)

perfect-planaka: Kế hoạch hoàn hảo
director: Ngo Thanh Phat
language: Vietnamese
length: 11 minutes
watched: 20 Sep 2015

I recently followed some Tumblrs that post gifs of gay movies, and it made me realize that there’s a whole world of gay shorts that I haven’t explored much. This was the first full movie that I found via such a Tumblr. I think it’s available on Youtube if you want to search for it (if that doesn’t work, leave a comment and I’ll try to re-find it).

The movie is Vietnamese, and is a quick story about a gay couple living together – but when one’s mother shows up to stay, they are forced back into the closet. Then we basically discover that she doesn’t mind at all.

It’s quite sweet, and the actors are attractive and not bad at what they do. The production needs a lot of work, though. Of course, it’s unreasonable to expect the same level of production as a professional setup, but the biggest issue is the sound balance. The actors are recorded in situ, and the music during montage scenes and scene breaks is far too loud.

I also liked the brief glimpse into another culture for me. I don’t know how accepted gay and LGBT people are in Vietnam, but I suspect not a lot, based on the reactions of the characters. I hope that this movie is able to reach young closeted guys in Vietnam and give them hope – if that’s possible, then this film has achieved its goal.


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