Book #84: Stardust (1998)

stardustAuthor: Neil Gaiman
Language: English
Length: 382 minutes (6 hours 22 minutes)
Finished listening on: 15 April 2015

Oops… what with a family wedding recently I’ve kind of let this hobby slide. And maybe it’s only me who cares, but I actually finished this before the last book I reviewed, and somehow they got mixed up. At least the number is correct! It’s been a while, so welcome back everyone.

Today I’m going to think about the book Stardust by Neil Gaiman. Stardust was previously a movie that I watched on a plane a couple of years ago on a whim having known nothing about it. This time it was also a reintroduction of sorts to audiobooks, as I renewed my subscription to Audible again recently (managing somehow to grab a three month half price deal).

First off I want to say that it’s disappointing that there were no cross-dressing pirates in the book – there were pirates though, at least. In fact, I think the same goes for a lot of this: it’s that rare book that suited being made into a film, as that lent it a particular visual style that it didn’t have in the written form.

I’m sure that Gaiman’s descriptions are perfectly adequate, but the book was pretty short and has somewhat of a road trip structure to it, as the characters travel across the land of Fairy, so it darts around very quickly between different scenes and situations, without pausing much for breath.

Of course, the book does allow an insight to the characters’ minds that a film doesn’t afford its viewers, and basically it was fine. I think I possibly understand why this book and movie aren’t so well known or aren’t Gaiman’s most popular, however, and I guess that’s how cutesy it is. The saccharine central relationship almost got a bit much, and the main character insufferable for being unable to detect it.

As a piece of fantasy, incidentally, I think it works very well. I’d recommend reading it, overall. Whatever flaws it has are mitigated by the short length.


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