Radio: Good Omens (2014)

goodomensAuthors: Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman
Adapted by: Dirk Maggs
Language: English
Length: 6 episodes – 5 of 30 minutes and one of 60 minutes
Finished listening on: 9 Feb 2015

I always forget that the BBC still makes radio plays for Radio 4. But apparently they do, and evidently, they still make ones that are worth watching. I actually heard about this via Neil Gaiman’s Tumblr – a nice way for him to stay in touch with fans.

Good Omens was one of the first audiobooks that I downloaded using the Audible service a few years ago. In fact, I wrote a review for it on this blog back near the beginning. So listening to the story again was like a distantly familiar memory, even though it’s in a very different form overall. Here there is a cast of actors including some veterans of the UK comedy scene like Mark Heap and Peter Serafinowicz in the lead roles, and a bunch of child actors for the child roles, as far as I can tell.

One other key difference is that the radio play is much shorter, since it’s broken into smaller digestible chunks. This makes it easier to follow but leaves me with the distinct impression that they’ve left stuff out.

As for the story itself, I’m not going to recap it much here, but I ought to note that for whatever reason – it might be my growing cynicism as I grow older, or it might be because the scene was badly written – I found the final scene somewhat underwhelming and not profound. I can’t remember what I thought the first time I heard the story, but here the scene was confusing and the moral a bit empty.

As yet, I’m still wondering why they haven’t made a movie of this. But I definitely think the BBC should continue making things like this!

Before I end this review, it would be amiss for me not to mention Terry Pratchett’s tragic passing back in March. I was actually going to write my thoughts on it when I got to the review of Raising Steam, which I was reading around that time, and thus which stuck in my memory as important. Tacked on the end of this review they would seem too hasty, though, so I think I’m still going to wait until then. Rest assured it was nice to hear that he was able to make a cameo appearance along with Gaiman in the first episode – but I feel slightly ashamed for having missed that entirely until it was later pointed out to me!


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