Film #137: Skyfall (2012)

skyfall05Director: Sam Mendes
Language: English
Length: 137 minutes
Watched on: 31 Dec 2012

I was never into James Bond as a kid, to be honest. I think this is the first time I’ve basically watched a whole one, except even then, I didn’t find it interesting enough to retain any details in memory about the plot.

I also had a weird time understanding some of it because of the way the Bond series has progressed: evidently, the series was rebooted with Casino Royale, meaning that Bond is meeting a lot of characters for the first time, like Q, who I’d assumed was a regular fixture of the series already. This is compounded by the fact that all the actors have been replaced since the reboot, except, weirdly, Judy Dench’s character M. I still don’t really get it – like, is it now a different timeline? Are they prequels?

Am I thinking too much into it? I’ve heard that you’re not supposed to think about Bond films – not that I think that’s an agreeable or healthy attitude to have towards films of any sort.

It’s probably kind of sad, then, that I watched this on New Year’s Eve, but only three months later any other details, except for a creepy-gay villain who tries to seduce Bond, completely escape me. It’s probably sad, for that matter, that I keep leaving it so long to write these reviews. Anyway, I guess I’m not cut out for this series. Maybe next time.


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