Book #80: A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1605)

amsndAuthor: William Shakespeare
Production: 2008, LibriVox
Language: English
Length: 124 minutes
Finished listening on: 13 Dec 2014

I should probably have reviewed this book with the last one, but reviewing two Shakespeare plays, no matter how simplistically, makes me look cleverer.

The problem here is, I read Hamlet in school when I was 17, and went into quite a lot of depth with it. I read this one when I was 12, and have largely forgotten the plot. Without the visual aspect of a play, it was thus much harder to follow than Hamlet was. It was also a lot shorter, and thus flitted by very quickly.

My hook into this play is actually, therefore, an obscure gay movie called Were the World Mine, after a line from this play. A Midsummer Night’s Dream‘s main plot point is some kind of magic that makes people fall in love with others, to comedic effect. The movie’s magic turned people gay, amusingly.

As it was from the same company that produced the Hamlet audiobook, the voice acting was also incredibly variable to the point of distraction. This was also compounded by a very large number of characters, not all of whom I could tell apart by voice alone.

I think if I’m to truly understand this play, I’m going to have to read or watch it rather than just listening. I think I’ll have to give it undivided attention. As it is, I can’t really recall the plot fully other than the bare bones, which is a shame.


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