Film #131: Bridesmaids (2011)

brDirector: Paul Feig
Language: English with a bit of Thai and Spanish
Length: 125 minutes
Watched on: 29 Nov 2014

This film had been on my backburner for a while. It came out a few years ago, and was generally well received despite being billed as the female version of The Hangover. Fortunately, as its good ratings showed, it is much more than that. This may, it should perhaps be pointed out, be because it has a twist halfway through, and doesn’t quite go where the trailers implied it would in the third act.

At the heart of the drama, the central conflict is between the main character, appointed as the maid of honour to her best friend, and the best friend’s new friend, who is rich and has connections, and is actually capable of pulling off a decent wedding. They start battling early on, to comedic effect.

True to its crass comedy roots, toilet humour is used to full force, at least in the first act. I still don’t understand the appeal of toilet humour, as an adult at least, but clearly the most egregious scene was there as a kind of hook to get people to keep watching. After that, the movie pretty much matures, and rather suddenly too.

It explores the emotional state of its protagonist well, I thought. She starts out just a bit down on her luck, his rock bottom halfway through the movie, and is outright depressed for most of the movie. I thought it was realistically portrayed, if a little ridiculous in the extent of the bad luck that she gas for the sake of comedy. The movie managed to avoid making comedy out of the depression itself, though, which I think deserves merit.

As a whole, I would say that I liked the movie. The other main thing I remember about it is being surprised and slightly confused by the appearance of the Irish guy from The IT Crowd as the love interest. Perhaps aside from the toilet humour, my main complaint about the movie was that it sometimes relied too much on fat jokes for a cheap laugh. However, none of the characters were in any way one dimensional, even the ones that originally looked like they would be. So a bit ambivalent about some of the humour, but I think overall I’d recommend it.


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