Book #76: Fortunately, the Milk (2013)

IMG_2559.JPGAuthor: Neil Gaiman
Illustrator: Skottie Young
Language: English
Length: 113 pages
Read on: 23 October 2014

I picked this book up recently and decided to give it a go. It’s a children’s story about a father who has to buy milk, spends a long time out of the house, and upon coming back, spins a tall tale of time traveling dinosaurs and vampires with a speech impediment.

Neil Gaiman’s writing style is as magical as ever, and the book certainly didn’t disappoint. The illustrations are very reminiscent of Quentin Blake, although they aren’t the same; they have some kind of unique flair to them. What I find strange, though, is that when doing a bit of cursory research about the book on the likes of TV Tropes and Goodreads, I found that the UK edition has a different illustrator to the US edition (the one I was reading). I find it strange that a book where the illustrations are so vital to the atmosphere and mood of the book would just be completely different depending on which country you buy it in.

That aside, the book does what it sets out to do well, even if it’s not the kind of thing I’m hugely interested in. I did enjoy it, though, especially for its uplifting and comedic qualities.


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