Game #29: Tapes (2014)

IMG_2168.JPGDeveloper: Sato Yohei
Length: 72 levels
Language: English
Played on: Sep 9, 2014

I think I got bored recently when I was in bed one night and checked out the app store for something to play to try and relax, perhaps.

This was one little free puzzle game that caught my eye, and I had a go at it. It was fun enough to keep me going, but it’s very much a one-trick game. The idea is that you drag each tape or ribbon across the screen until all the squares are full and all the numbers are down to zero. They can cross over each other in certain ways, so you have to make use of that to win many of the levels.

I should probably just say right away that I finished the whole thing in probably under an hour; not very long, anyway. Most of the puzzles were really easy for me to get, especially when I started noticing patterns in the level design, like places where one of the tapes had to finish, and it was then usually obvious from the number which one.

And while it was initially enjoyable, I found it became tedious quite quickly, because the levels are very monotonous. It also appears to be part of a trend: I’ve also tried at least one other game with a very similar gimmick.

So, it was fine, but it’s not the next big thing.


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