Book #73: Strip Tease (1993)

stripteaseauthor: Carl Hiaasen
language: English
length: 913 minutes (15 hours 13 minutes)
finished listening on: August 30 2014

I think I might actually be on the route to finishing my backlog soon. How exciting! So this was another audiobook provided by the Humble Bundle that I listened to, as usual, on my bike rides. The premise was amusing enough to convince me to start with it: it centres around a strip joint in Florida and the various shady characters that attend it, and the way everyone is out to trick one another.

There are quite a lot of characters to keep track of, and the various alliances and rivalries took me a bit of getting used to. But the main character seems to be Erin, one of the strippers, and the main plot is about a congressman who attacks another punter in the strip joint, followed by a hasty attempt to cover it up by his cronies, while he himself appears to fall in love with Erin, who’s having none of it. There are also murder mystery-like elements to it.

But that doesn’t do the story justice. There is a high body count by the end of the book, many of the characters having died in comedic ways. There are side tales and tidbits focusing on side characters a lot, and I think it’s important that most of the stripper characters were given a decent treatment by the book and have well-developed wishes and desires, and much of the book is like a slice of life for them and the bouncer character, as exemplified by scenes which do nothing to advance any plot but have the women arguing with their boss over the demeaning name of the bar they work in.

I think I could probably be justified in calling it a romp. Nothing of any significance seems to have happened by the end of it, and I guess it’s not that memorable in terms of plot, and it’s certainly not of high quality overall, but I certainly had a good time listening to it.


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