Book #68: Rules of Prey (1989)

rulesofpreyauthor: John Sanford
language: English
length: 715 minutes (11 hours 55 minutes)
finished listening on: 30 July 2014

This is yet another Humble Bundle entry I’m afraid. Cycling and audiobooks go hand-in-hand, a very convenient way to do exercise and get some extra enjoyment and cultural enrichment out of it. This book is a crime thriller about a serial killer and the grizzled detective (maybe an overdone trope if you ask me) who tracks him down.

What distinguished this book from other crime novels I’ve read recently is that this one also has every so often a chapter written from the killer’s POV, and considering that he’s a very misogynistic character, I found those chapters very hard to stomach, even at times downright disgusted at the author for putting so much thought into it.

I actually can’t remember anything else significant about the novel because this overshadowed everything else. Sure, the characters were well thought out, and the thriller-esque plot interesting, and it is useful to remind myself that writing a misogynistic character does not make one misogynistic too, but scenes detailing the killer’s throbbing penis as he prepares to disembowel a defenseless young woman crossed a line, danced over it and ran away so far that I can’t possibly recommend this book to anyone.


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