Book #63: Found (2008)

n246306author: Margaret Peterson Haddix
language: English
length: 419 minutes (6 hours 59 minutes)
finished listening on: 22 June 2014

The thing about Humble Bundle is, you never quite know what you’re going to get from it. I didn’t really know what this was until I started listening to it, and it turned out to be a children’s story (or is the term “Young Adult” now?) with a sci-fi bent to it, contrary to my expectation of perhaps-another-chick-lit-travesty that I was dreading from my experiences of some of the other audiobooks.

It’s obvious right from the start that this is written mainly to appease an adopted audience, as the main characters are both adopted and trying to work out their origins, which are suitably grandiose in the end. I guess I don’t know enough about that world, but the main thing seems to be that adopted children have a book that is about them. There is an unusual exploration of identity that perhaps is unique to this particular story, coming from the unusual way in which the children are adopted.

It’s alright as a story, although gets ridiculous at times, with a time travel story near the end that needs to jump through a few hoops to stay consistent with itself. It doesn’t quite stray into the territory of boring info-dumps, although it comes close near the end when the sci-fi elements come into play more obviously.

Importantly, however, the book is written in a fluent style, and even though I didn’t really identify with the subject matter, it was easy to listen to and easy to follow, and thus easy to finish. Pretty good overall. Even so, it’s the first in quite a long series by the same author, but I’m not currently tempted enough to try and obtain any of the sequels.


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