Film #121: Kill Your Darlings (2013)

13037-1director: John Krokidas
language: English
length: 102 minutes
watched on: 11 June 2014

I think it’s probably best to admit straight up that my reasons for watching this movie were a little pervy – the two main things I knew about this movie before seeing it, besides a skeletal outline of the plot, were that Daniel Radcliffe (as a young Allen Ginsberg) has a gay sex scene, and that his costar is Dane DeHaan, who I’ve already noted as being cute. However, this is misleading, as while Radcliffe and DeHaan share a kiss at one point, the sex scene is with an anonymous stranger.

The story of this movie is based on the true story of how the various beatnik poets came together during the 1940s in New York, when Ginsberg was at college with Lucian Carr, who introduced him to the others. Carr was relentlessly pursued by an older gay man he had had a previous regretted relationship with – by the end of the movie he kills him and renounces the idea that the feelings were ever mutual. Disgusting practice of internalized homophobia notwithstanding, DeHaan gives a great performance in the role, using his boyish good looks to remain broadly in control of any situation or character, for most of the movie at least.

The performances are the real draw with this movie, anyway. Apart from that, the main good parts were the fleetingly glimpsed nudity and the window to look into lives gone by and see how hedonistic the men’s lifestyles were – but they are all pretty insufferable as characters. At times I’m pretty sure I got actively pissed off at the way they expressed themselves.

The film is also not beautiful – it is often sparsely lit and the colours are all washed out like a sepia photograph. I realize it was going for a certain aesthetic, but it’s not one I like myself.

My reasons for watching this, thus, haven’t changed when it comes to recommending it. Unlike many other films where I find other reasons to like it, this one didn’t really throw out anything new – so if I recommend it now, it’s only really to catch a glimpse of Dan Radcliffe playing gay and to admire Dane DeHaan’s face. The rest of the movie was pretty average.


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