TV: Faking It season 1 (2014)

homecoming4.JPGcreators: Dana Min Goodman & Julia Wolov
language: English
length: 8 episodes, 22 minutes each
finished watching on: 11 June 2014

The synopsis for this makes it sound more awful than it actually is. Essentially, two girls are mistaken for lesbians and “outed” to the whole school. They find it makes them popular (huh?) and stick with the lie, to be voted homecoming queens. What the synopsis fails to mention is that one girl quickly develops or realizes genuine feelings for the other, creating a lot of the drama in the story, as the other starts trying to date a boy – although she must do it in secret because the school would “lynch” them for lying about their relationship. It’s quite funny and easy to watch.

In many respects it’s similar the movie GBF, which I also watched recently – particularly that the synopsis sound worse than it is and somebody is forcibly outed by a supposed ally or other member of the LGBT community (I should think most LGBT people know this is something you do not do). It also shares GBF’s main actor as a supporting character, in this case playing the polar opposite of his other character: flamboyant and with many snappy one-liners. The best kind of gay for comedies.

It’s unusual for an American show in that it’s very short, at only eight episodes – but I’d argue that’s a good thing, because it allows it to be almost devoid of filler and able to have a sense of focus and conservation of detail that many shows do not. It sort of takes place in a hyperreal state of being as a result of this – and this is coupled with the odd setting of a high school in Austin that has the reverse social hierarchy compared to the teen flick archetype. Jocks are boring and the weirder you are, the better. I think this is why it’s been so popular online.

Most importantly with a TV show, even though I was only watching it for a few weeks, I looked forward to the day it came out (albeit not as much as for Orphan Black!). I’d recommend it, definitely.


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