TV: Citation Needed season 1 (2014)

creators: Tom Scott, Matt Gray, Gary Brannan, Chris Joel
language: English
length: 9 episodes, 134 minutes total
finished watching on: 14 May 2014

Just a quick one today: some of my university friends made a youtube series, which is enough for me to count it as “TV”. They make a podcast too, every so often, which is a “reverse trivia” quiz (here’s the answer, what’s the question?), called The Technical Difficulties, and this was a spinoff. In this quiz, Tom finds a random wikipedia article that has enough content to make jokes about, and gets the others to guess what’s in the article. It works well enough, although sometimes he really has to prod them in the right direction to get it.

It’s interesting to get a look into their methods, having listened to the podcast before and been graced by only their voices. Matt Gray’s kitchen is the setting, and the rigging involves four cameras balanced on a dining table along with the microphones and one at a fixed angle behind Matt and Tom. I’m guessing the podcast has a similar rig but without the cameras.

Most of the episodes have them not changing their clothes, so that it’s obvious they filmed them all the same day, except for the last two or so. I can deduce that the podcast is produced the same way, which makes sense, because by the last episodes, they occasionally refer back to jokes made in the earlier episodes of the day (most obvious in a string of podcasts all with jokes about Matt Gray’s penis), rather than keeping each as a self-contained unit, and I get the impression that they’re getting tired towards the end of the day generally, just from the way the conversation descends into some kind of surreal hazy delirium much more easily (to be fair, this happens every episode anyway).

But that aside, they’re pretty funny, and anyone can watch this on youtube, so go ahead.


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