Film #116: Geography Club (2013)

GEO-01 GC_04982Director: Gary Entin
Language: English
Length: 84 minutes
Watched on: 22 April 2014

I think I was tempted to watch this after seeing an image of two football players stealing a kiss in the locker room or something. It’s a high school comedy about some gay kids setting up a secret club (labelled Geography Club in order to dissuade others from joining) where they can be themselves – then they’re gradually joined by more and more people until they go public and make it into a proper GSA.

The main character is a closeted gay guy who starts a candid relationship with a football player – he then gets onto the same team, although the rest of the team are horrifically homophobic bullies, almost to the point of parody. I guess I haven’t seen many films with gay American football players, so that was new, but knowing almost nothing about the strange foreign sport, the scenes are automatically boring for me, although actually there was only one, so it’s not that bad.

The high school setting is also unfamiliar to me, somewhat reducing my enjoyment, and there were too many characters with too little development – later, I found out that the film was based on a book, so I surmise that in the adaptation process a lot of plot detail and character detail was lost.

The story was very standard in general, though. I doubt that the book would actually be a lot better, unfortunately. I’d watch something else, to be honest.


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