TV: Futurama season 7 (2012-13)

Futurama-Season-7-Episode-22-Leela-and-the-GenestalkCreators: Matt Groening & David X. Cohen
Language: English
Length: 26 episodes of about 22 minutes
Finished watching on: 6 Feb 2014

Futurama’s creators have done that thing again of creating “one” season of their show and then releasing it over two years, which necessitates the question: is this season 7 or seasons 8 and 9? This is a bit of an annoying trend because it makes it more difficult for me to keep track of them…

In any case, this season is carrying on the good trends of the previous ones. Some episodes are very bland, some are silly, and then there are the unexpected tugs at the heartstring in some episodes. There is perhaps a trend for “special” out-of-canon episodes, such as one where all the characters have animal doppelgangers, and the episode is like a nature documentary following three different groups of them.

Now I just have to go back to hoping the creators will find another network that will host their show… apparently it’s been cancelled yet again. I don’t know what Comedy Central are playing at with that.


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