Film #112: R’ha (2013)

RhashortScifiRobotsMistEntertsr02adirector: Kaleb Lechowski
language: English
length: 6 minutes
watched on: 24 February

I found this via a post on Tumblr, I think. It’s a short film, available on Vimeo, which is a glimpse of a sci-fi world. The 3D graphics are very sophisticated, and evidently it was all created by one student, apart from the music and voices.

The story was completely bare-bones, but there was a four-armed humanoid held captive by a machine reminiscent of those in The Matrix. The alien somehow escapes and gets into his spacecraft to fly away. Meanwhile, the city is being destroyed by the machines.

I’ve mainly included it here as a kind of quick note because I was impressed by its technical prowess. I’d be interested in seeing more from the filmmaker.


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