TV: QI series K (2013-14)

QISeriesK620Creator: John Lloyd
Language: English and a bit of Xhosa
Length: 16 episodes of 45 minutes each
Finished watching on: 23 Jan 2014

I guess I don’t actually have that much to say about QI anymore. I mentioned the last time I finished a series that I’ve been watching it too much as a sleeping aid, and that is still true, although it tends to mean that I’ve watched the first ten minutes of each episode multiple times and rarely completed an episode.

This particular series I think contains chemistry experiments at the end of every episode, as they seem to have retired the General Ignorance round and have done something else instead to break up the monotony of the quiz format. I don’t think they were first introduced in this series, but I’m pretty sure in this one they’re used every episode. So those are fun.

Also as I briefly alluded, there was an episode with a guy from South Africa who sang a song in Xhosa, which was interesting as it’s something I rarely get a chance to hear.

I’m just wondering now how long the show can last. I don’t think they’ll get all the way to Z. I remember when I watched it live in London one of the contestants, Rich Hall, said they’d have to keep going until 2029 in order to accomplish the feat – another 15 years. By that time they’ll all surely be ready to retire…


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