Film #110: Mean Girls (2004)

meangirlsDirector: Mark Waters
Language: English plus German, Vietnamese, Swahili
Length: 93 minutes
Watched on: 11 January 2014

I don’t have a lot to say about Mean Girls other than that I like it. I do remember when I first watched it at around the age of 17 expecting to hate it and being pleasantly surprised – I’m sure there was a not inconsiderable amount of anxiety that if I was seen to enjoy it people would think I was gay… whoops.

In many ways I’m kinda glad that I still like it and the writing is still funny enough to make me giggle most of the way through, because recently I’ve become so cynical that it’s hard to entertain me, even with films that I used to love – case in point: Austin Powers. The comedy in this is much sharper and almost every line can be construed as a joke and that’s the best way for a movie to be. I should really find more of Tina Fey’s work, because I haven’t actually seen her that much.

I hope I will continue to like this movie as I grow older. I hope I will see more like it in the future. It’s now the 10th anniversary, and I’ve heard people are planning to wear pink on the anniversary of the US opening, April 30 – because it’s a Wednesday.


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