Film #108: Timecrimes (2007)

timecrimes-2aka: Los Cronocrímines
director: Nacho Vigalondo
language: Spanish
length: 92 minutes
watched on: 31 December 2013

It’s been a while since I’ve watched any weird European films, so watching this was almost like a nostalgia trip. It’s a fairly simple film about time travel, which sticks to the point and poses a few dilemmas on the way.

It starts with the main character idly looking through binoculars at the countryside near his house – when he sees a young woman undressing in the woods he decides to go investigate, whereupon he’s chased off by a scary man wearing a pink bandage round his head. Then he ends up in a scientific facility and is essentially lured into what turns out to be a time machine.

After that is where his actions become difficult to justify, because after a small car crash he ends up bandaging his head, which makes him realize that he was himself the man in the pink bandage, and he has to all but commit heinous acts of sexual violence on a confused girl who comes over to try and help, in order to recreate the situation that he’d seen earlier. There’s a hint that this is because the man in the facility had warned him not to change the past, or something, but if I was in that situation I’d have tried to just run like hell.

Despite his stupidity, I thought the film was good, and that its main merit is its relative simplicity. There are only four characters in the film, and not nearly as many timelines to keep track of as something like Primer. It’s also fairly consistent in how the rules of time travel are governed in the film. I was half-expecting it to get more and more complicated as it went on, so this was a pleasant outcome.

On the converse side, I felt that there weren’t quite enough twists, or that the ones that did happen were very predictable, so while the film’s simplicity was a good thing overall, sometimes they could have adjusted it for a slightly more complex or compelling plot. Generally it was good, and I’d recommend it.


One Response to Film #108: Timecrimes (2007)

  1. Laura O says:

    I really enjoyed Timecrimes even though it was totally bonkers and rather unsettling.

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