Game #26: Limbo (2010)

1404071-limbo_esrb_t_720p30_st_6300kbps_53creator: Arnt Jensen
language: English (menus at least)
length: 39 chapters/levels/whatever they’re called
finished on: 14 October 2013

As with all my games, this came from the Humble Bundle. I started playing it a few months ago, and finished it last month – it’s one of the ones that I only came back to play again occasionally. It’s a fairly simple 2D platformer at heart, and excels in creating a creepy atmosphere without really going into outright horror. And for a game that is mostly shown in silhouette, it’s rather good at being gruesome.

The story is cursory – you play a boy lost in woods, and you have to find your sister, I think. On the way, however, are loads of obstacles. The game doesn’t waste time in shocking, as it introduces giant spiders very quickly at the start. The first time they jump onto the screen it made me jump. There are some other beasts, and falling rocks, and a lot of things that can kill you. Like many other games in the genre, you have to use your ingenuity sometimes to work out how to do certain things.

Like many other games in its genre, it also contains a lot of extra-credit trophies. I’m generally too lazy to actually bother to play through the game again, though. Said trophies tended to be extra-difficult to find, although as far as I’ve seen, they don’t hold up to the prohibitive standard set by games like Braid. They’re kind of an annoyance, in my mind. I guess they give you an excuse to play through the game again once you’ve finished. But I didn’t really want to play this game again. It was fine, and I would recommend playing it, but it was more of a distraction than something I wanted to keep playing.


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