Film #95: Kick-Ass 2 (2013)

Film Title: Kick-Ass 2director: Jeff Wadlow
language: English and some Chinese and Russian
length: 103 minutes
watched on: 8 October 2013

Kick-Ass 2 probably isn’t out in Japan yet, but I happened to see it when a friend invited me to the military base in Yokosuka, where they have $1 movie nights on Tuesdays – a ludicrous price for me seeing as it usually costs the equivalent of $18 to see a movie in Japan. Yokosuka is far, though, which is a shame. But I started reading a book on the train, so all is good with the world.

Kick-Ass 2 kind of leads off from Kick-Ass 1, which I saw either three or four years ago when it came out. In this movie, vigilante “superhero” justice has become trendy, and lots of people have caught onto the idea of dressing up. I can’t really remember the ending of Kick-Ass 1 that well, to be honest, so some of what I say may seem redundant.

The two main characters are the same as the previous movie, Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl, although Hit-Girl has had to stop doing superhero things and her guardian tries to get her to hang out with regular teenagers her age. Her story is rather bland, and echoes teen movies such as Mean Girls. Kick-Ass joins a team of vigilantes. Meanwhile Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s character accidentally kills his mother, and in a fit of what I can only assume is extremely poor judgement and taste, or a lazy way of establishing that he’s a weirdo, uses her bondage gear to dress up as a supervillain and adopt the name “Motherfucker”. I think this was supposed to be funny, but I didn’t really get it. He wants to get revenge on Kick-Ass for killing his father in the previous movie. He makes a team of supervillains.

Unlike its predecessor, it didn’t feel fresh, new or groundbreaking. But like the first one, it starts in a fairly jovial and optimistic style, before about halfway through people start dying quite horrifically, and you can no longer genuinely be sure who’s going to last until the end. There was also a lot more blood than I was expecting, perhaps just on comparison to the last movie. It kind of hit it home that what these people were doing really was dangerous. I guess it was to up the ante of the previous movie.

For me the highlight of the film was a very out-of-type performance by an unrecognizable Jim Carrey. And the fight scenes were also cool. Generally it was fun, but nothing particularly remarkable.


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