TV: The IT Crowd Special (2013)

hqdefault1creator: Graham Linehan
language: English and some Chinese
length: 48 minutes
watched on: 1 October 2013

I found out about this special-length episode when someone spoiled one of the jokes on tumblr, which is a shame. I think it’s their last episode, in lieu of making another series, but it was double the length of a normal episode.

It was kinda funny in general but had lost the spark of the earlier series overall. Many of the jokes were callbacks and injokes from the previous series, the actors clearly revelling in being able to tell them one last time.

The plot devices were about as nonsensical as they’d ever been, to be honest, but the way their viral video becomes so big was unrealistic to me, more than I’d expect even for this show. In some ways there were almost too many of these, as if they need to streamline it a bit more than they did.

Overall, fine, but since the episode was double length I think I’d have liked to see the characters interact more with each other rather than splitting off into two substories very early on. They do interact, but they do more in the set pairs than across to the other pair, if that makes sense. Glad they did this special, anyway.


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