TV: Breaking Bad Season 6 (2013)

Screen-shot-2013-09-16-at-8.55.27-AMcreator: Vince Gilligan
language: English
length: 8 episodes of 45-55 minutes each
finished on: 30 September 2013

I think this is usually billed as the second half of season 5, but I think that’s stupid, because season 5 was started last year. Perhaps it’s because they were shot at the same time or something. But in that case they should have released it last year with the rest of the season… and not keep us waiting around for a year to find out what happened.

I was hooked on the last season, whatever it’s called. In this season (spoiler alert) Hank finally finds out about Walt and starts to hunt him down. It’s missing a lot of the features that made the early episodes great, like the relationship between Walt and Jesse, but it also contains all the most hard-hitting episodes of the series, climaxing in the third-to-last episode, where everything really happens. The last two episodes felt like a coda or an epilogue, resolving all the loose ends. It ended on a bittersweet note, basically fulfilling everything that fans wanted from the series. I don’t think they had to do this, but it worked out well.

Some loose ends weren’t quite finished: Huell and Brock are the main two characters people feel have been left hanging. A lot more of it is left to the viewer to fill in the details. They were pretty minor, though. Apparently Saul will get a spinoff series, so we can maybe look forward to that.

Great, though. I like how it really became a talking point in its last few weeks. Now it’s finished and everyone has to find other things to watch, sadly. Let’s hope to see more great things from these creators.


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