Film #93: Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999)

austin powers 2director: Jay Roach
language: English
length: 91 minutes
watched on: 1 October 2013

An old favourite from my childhood which I decided to watch again recently. I think I watched the first one of the series last year, and the next two have been sitting in my movies folder waiting to be watched ever since.

Unfortunately I actually didn’t find it that funny this time around. Although I used to love characters like Fat Bastard when I was a teenager, now I’m just offended by him on more than one count (making fun of Scottish and fat people).

However, Dr Evil’s scenes were the funniest, as I’ve thought in the past, and I particularly like Mini-Me, even now. I also still have a soft-spot for the penis-shaped spaceship gag. But now I firmly think the first movie was the best, and the next two are just fodder.


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