Film #90: Monsters, Inc. (2001)

MOnsters-inc1director: Peter Docter
length: 92 minutes
language: English
watched on: 26 July 2013

After watching Monsters University, I just wanted to see the first one again to see how each hangs up against the other. It’s been at least about 5 years since I watched this movie, and thus I’d actually forgotten a lot of the plot besides the basics. I’d forgotten, for instance, that Mike has a girlfriend in this movie, that Mike wasn’t actually a scarer, the whole scene with the Abominable Snowman, and a whole major plot point about Boo and Randall’s evil plans for her. So even though by my count this is at least the 4th time I’ve seen Monsters Inc, I was able to be pleasantly surprised by a few of the plot twists.

One other thing I never realised, or had forgotten, was how little actual scaring there is in this film. In Monsters University, we’re treated to extensive scenes involving scaring by different monsters using different techniques, but here we get only one introductory scene actually showing a scare, which turns out to be a practice drill and therefore not strictly real. I guess we’re expected to fill in the gaps ourselves, or something.

I generally, genuinely like this film a lot, and watching it again was a good experience. Seeing Boo again after watching the other film which didn’t have her in it was particularly good, as she’s one of the best parts.

The only other plot hole I found was wondering how Mike managed to get out of the Himalayas. It seems petty, but it bothered me. And I’m sure when they had the big scene with all the doors opening at once they ran into doors which didn’t open to closets, and I found it unrealistic that people didn’t start randomly walking through the doors. Then I found it strange that the monsters took so long to figure out that people aren’t actually poisonous – and how quickly Sully comes to the conclusion that this is false when he’s actually faced with a little girl in his own living room. On the other hand, I did enjoy little tidbits like the Japanese restaurant owners shouting whenever someone enters, or the side character that keeps ending up with a sock on his back and having to be sterilized.

In any case, it’s the fourth time I’ve watched the movie and I don’t think it’ll be the last. But perhaps I shouldn’t leave 5 years between rewatching films I like in future…


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