Film #88: The Blue Umbrella (2013)

blue_umbrella_h_2013director: Saschka Unseld
length: 7 minutes
language: none
watched on: 16 July 2013 (bonus feature with Monsters University)

A short feature before Monsters University, which I saw last month, in the grand tradition of putting short films before Pixar features in the cinema. This film depicts a busy city street, where all the buildings and various pipes, mailboxes, floor vents and other inanimate objects are sentient, and communicate with simplistic facial expressions. The main character is a blue umbrella who falls in love-at-first-sight with a nearby red umbrella, but is blown away and gets battered up by cars.

It’s a silent film in the sense of no dialogue, and no human characters really appear aside from to put up a sea of umbrellas. The animation is photorealistic, except for the facial expressions of the various objects, to the point where I was genuinely surprised. Its story is very simple, of course, but still relatively moving. It’s not a big one, of course, but then it is just a pre-feature short. I’m mainly including it for completeness (and to commend the animation).


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