Game #22: NightSky (2011)

nightgame_1294360785creator: Nicklas Nygren
length: 130 levels
finished on: 28 May 2013

Yet another Humble Bundle game, because that’s basically the source of all that I ever play. This game is actually from a bundle that was released early last year, but I couldn’t play it at the time because my computer was too slow even for the shitty-graphics version. Now my computer can handle the HD version, so I set about playing it recently.

It’s a very graphically simple game: all the foreground objects are silhouettes (until the final set of levels), and you control a marble that has to negotiate the various terrains. The marble can go faster or slower by pressing S or A. Except that sometimes completely different things happen when you press the controls. In some levels you can’t slow down and/or speed up; in others, you may actually control a vehicle or a pair of pinball flippers with your left-right controls. In others you can’t move the ball at all except to press S to invert gravity.

The pace of the game is nice and relaxed. It’s divided up into about ten sections, with a total of 130 levels, and each level consists of three screens, so it feels very consistent across the levels. It doesn’t pressure you to do time trials or anything like that, and while at first I was a little dismayed when I realised that to fully complete the game you have to collect 12 hidden gold stars, the process of actually doing this was very painless – the game tells you if there’s a hidden star in the level, and it’s usually pretty easy to find a small opening in the level somewhere to climb into, although some of the tricks you have to pull to get the stars are a bit nifty.

The music’s nice, too. I liked the game in general. I just wanted to continue – this wasn’t enough!


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