TV: How I Met Your Mother, season 8 (2012-13)

how-i-met-your-mother-8x011creators: Carter Bays & Craig Thomas
language: English with smatterings of Italian, French, Cantonese
length: 24 episodes of about 22 minutes each
finished watching on: 16 May 2013

I watched this last month after hearing that the mother’s face had finally been revealed (although spoiler alert, it’s only in the closing moments of the season!). Because I’d been promised something, I think that meant that I watched it far too quickly – I think only two days from start to finish. I wouldn’t recommend doing that, in general – after it finished I found myself just wanting more!

Anyway, it’s getting to be more of the same with this show. We see the main character Ted getting into a variety of relationships but we basically know that they’re going nowhere because we know they’re not the mother of his kids. We see the other characters doing standard hijinks. So at least at the end of the season it’s good to see that they’re moving to draw the thing to its conclusion.

One thing I hadn’t noticed as much the last time I watched this (a year ago now) was the amount of times they unironically use the term “bro”. I’ve kind of had enough of that and wanted them to shut the hell up after not very long.

Another annoying thing is that the show is now building to a rather large climax, with the promise of a wedding in the very near future – in fact, the characters are all packing up to go off to this wedding in the final episode, and I was fully expecting the wedding to occur in the final episodes of the season, so when I found that I’d reached the last episode I was a little disappointed. That also may mean that the next season consists entirely of the few days leading up to said wedding. I don’t know, to be honest. I just don’t like the prospect of having to wait another year to find out (perhaps it would be healthier for me to start watching it in October along with everyone else, rather than waiting till May next year to marathon the series, which is becoming a bad habit).

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