Game #21: Offspring Fling (2012)

screen08creator: Kyle Pulver
length: 100 levels
finished on: 22 May 2013

This was a kinda cute platformer. I played it via the Humble Bundle. It was alright but I finished it in one sitting. It only got difficult in the last few levels, when there are suddenly some extreme tests of reflexes.

I don’t know what the main character is, but she’s the mother of children that she has to save by throwing or carrying across the level. You’re given new mechanics at a reasonable pace throughout the game, so it’s never difficult, and sometimes you’re given the opportunity to work out your own limitations, which was good.

The graphics suffer because they are pixelly (retro?), and the music was upbeat but repetitive (all the tracks seem to be variations on the same base, and sound a bit like a Disney soundtrack).

The final boss was annoying, because there’s a cutscene you can’t skip that you have to play every time you die, but he’s a matter of muscle memory because he always does the same thing.

The game tries to add replay value with time trials, but I hate time trials. Sometimes if I get a few golds early on I’m spurred on to keep trying, but that didn’t happen here, and golds are very difficult to get. It is nice, though, that it saves your personal best as a replay “ghost” to follow, but then it also has the dev team’s best that seems to move faster than is possible, so I don’t know what’s happening there.

So, it’s fine, but not long enough for me.


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